Monday, October 17, 2016

testing the permenent link

hi, i am publishing this blog post just to test the permanent link you have provided to me with full authority and excluvisity. 
Indian Polity

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top Ten Achievements of Narendra Modi

After 8 months of Modi swearing in as PM, I had a feel which you are having now. I couldn't see any change in the circumstances. Instead I was seeing only negative results everywhere, whether it's in FB pages, tweeter or News Media.
That time, my faith on Modi shook a little bit. Then I saw an image in FB, which was based on Modi's speech on 2014 Independence day. I would like to share the image here:-

That image made me gain my faith on this white-bearded, old man who is trying to make India better, while we Indians aren't even doing 1/1000th of what he is doing and yet we are criticizing him. Then I realized why we are criticizing him. Because we have great expectations from him.
Does Modi prove himself worthy of our faith? Today I can proudly say, Yes!
You want to know why I am proud of him? No, not just because of this speech. Not just because he bends to Parliament, or visits Mandir, or because he is pro-Hindu.
I am proud of him because he had achievements which we don't see:-
1) He is bringing FDIs to India, making it well-funded:-
Promises matters.

2) Operation Rahat: India rescued 4640 Indians along with 960 citizens from other 41 countries:- One of the fastest evacuation in history of India.
Security of Indians matters.

3) India is taking advantage of low price of crude oil, building strategic oil reserve:- Even after the global price of crude oil is at lowest level, petrol prices in Indian market didn't go down. People blame Modi for not reducing petrol prices. Here's the truth which media doesn't show you. Modi and his government is eyeing on taking the advantage of low crude oil prices. Indian government is trying to built strategic reserves to store oil for future. As such, when global oil price will go high, we won't need to pay high price for petrol. You can check this link. Modi could have pleased people for his upcoming elections. But he is more interested in national interest.
Nation's interest comes first.

4) India's foreign liabilities decline by $5.6 billion:- As a developing nation, India needs fund. India always used to have foreign liabilities to pay for. Under Modi's governance, India succeeded in declining foreign liabilities by $5.6 billion. Here's alink.
Nation's debt is being payed, rather than scams taking place

5) ISI agents, who have built nests in various states during the worthless UPA government, are being caught:- Modi-Doval duo have proved that they won't take the matters of national security lightly:-
  1. ISI agents getting caught by Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force. Check here.
  2. 3 ISI agents getting caught in West Bengal, two of them were members of the ruling party in Bengal, the Trinamool Congress(TMC) Party. Check here.
  3. Pakistan's ISI spy ring busted in India. One BSF jawan among two caught in Jammu. Three ISI agents caught in West Bengal. Check this link.
  4. Ex-IAF personnel who was sharing information with ISI, has been caught by Delhi Police Crime Branch Military and Air Force. Check the details.
National Security matters, indeed.

6) Bullet proof vests for army soon:- 1.86 lakh bullet proof vests will be provided to army soon. Check this link.
Security for our soldiers matters.

7) Modi removed the subsidy on Parliament Canteen:- The subsidy on parliament canteen has been a topic of debate among common people of India. On people's demand, Modi removed the subsidy on parliament canteen. From 1st Jan, 2016, the meals and food on Parliament canteen will be sold on "No profit No loss" concept. Check this link.
Respect to people's voice matters.

8) Modi's ambitious 'Make in India' program is bearing fruits:- With his inspirational and ambitious Make in India program, India branded itself as a technical hub to the world.
Skill gradually kills dependency.

And now, it makes me proud to see that India is exporting metro coaches to Autralia as a plan of "Make in India".

Being that said, I am leaving it to you about whether to keep faith on Modi or not. I have given Modi a chance, and he proved my faith was right.
We call him Namo. The name isn't just a coincidence.

Why Kejriwal is Losing Popularity?

I have noticed that Arvind kejriwal is losing popularity among a certain section of the population. These are people who believe in

1. Hindu supremacy

2. Think secularism is puedo 

3. All opposition to the RSS ideas are anti national.

4. Who think NaMo is a modern day God, who no one should oppose or disagree with.
Indian Polity

The good thing for him though it's that this group is only about 30% of the population, while 70% of the rest of India are watching him do a fine job in Delhi. 

Eccentricity is great if you want to change the world, remember what Steve Jobs said 'only those crazy enough to think they can change the world, do'.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What are the bad tricks behind online shopping?

Almost all online stores use these tricks and many people know it too.
The major ones they use are as follows:
  • Decoy pricing: Pricing a similar product outrageously high so that others look trivial compared to it.
  • High pricing Jacks: They know that you will use coupons anyways. They are prepared for it & will jack up the prices for that.
  • Dynamic Pricing: They will decide what price to show you based on your earlier browsing history. If you have been browsing for the same stuff many times, you probably love it too much and will pay a higher price for that.
  • Prestige Pricing: How do you know whether x is higher in quality than y? You just compare the price. But is that always true that they offer higher quality for higher price. No, they take advantage of human heuristics which makes such snap judgements which are often wrong.
  • Charm Pricing: Ever wondered why they price it at 1999 instead of 2000? That is because your brain stores it as approx 1900 and they get 1 short of 2000.
  • "Open the wallet" pricing: Ever wondered why big banners shouting discounts comes up in Home page? It is psychological warfare of the highest order to make you feel that there are exciting deals for grabs.
As for stores which don't use these tricks, I know of one only but they will be forced to copy it too later on:
  • Neotonn an online store sells shirts suggested to men automatically based on entering your physical features into their "Quick Suggestions" option.
  • No decoy pricing: You won't find any stuff in the outrageous range of 13000 to 14000
  • High pricing Jacks: They don't give away any coupons at all. I searched whole of internet and found none.
  • Worst product pics: They post raw unedited pics so that you get exactly what you see and don't get a shock when delivery happens at your doorsteps.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Don't know whether they do store any details or browsing history although they claim that they don't.
  • Prestige Pricing: No question of that as all are in similar price range
  • Charm Pricing: I have not seen anything priced at 999 or so. I think not. Maybe they do sell a stuff or two with that price tag.
  • "Open the wallet" pricing: Check-out if they do it. I don't think they do. Probably they should. When in Rome, do as the romans do.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

one girl in my life....

It was the first day of my new session .... 

I was in ninth class and 11 batch has also started. Next day i was waiting for my school bus at bus stop and bus has came. i have taken one seat.after that when next stop came there also students were waiting for bus.but i have noticed one girl she was just different from others..i was just continuosly looking her from my window....

Bus has stopped and students were coming in bus and she also came inside then i knew that she is also from my school only...i did not know that why i was feeling happy that time...she was so gorgeous......she was sitting next to me....after few days i came to know that she is from 11 class.....slowly slowly i started liking her one day when i went to market there i seen that girl ....that day i knew her home....she has seen me....i  was just looking her and forgot that i am standing in front of her home....she was in suit...from that day i started going market regularly....after few days ,in the bus some of her friends were asking that what was i doing infront of her house...i was just speechless at that time but after few minutes i told that some work was there....they were smiling...i also smiled.....after that day, i was thinking all time about her only....and after few days she also knew that i like her by seeing my behaviour like i was just going to her for useless matters and when she was answering i was looking her eyes and when her answer finished  then also i was looking her face.....And she was just smilling....